Saturday, February 20, 2016

One of the most important "artistic" problems is practicing to draw male and female figure. I decided to make personal project of drawing 2000 figures in three months. At first the idea was to draw as many poses from my head as possible, without using the references. That is the best way to exercises and build your "mental" archive and gallery. Using the references is absolutely legitimate also :)

Here are the progress and the results of my project; first image shows my figure drawings at the beginning of the task (with not so good poses, insecure lines, problematic proportions...). Second image shows the progress after three months of daily figure drawings (body proportions are much better, lines are firm and controlled, poses are more dynamic and expressive).

Here are several other pages of sketched poses of male and female figure. I posted these drawings to inspire you to do similar project. The fact is, the only way to improve your drawing is to find time, sit down and draw, draw, draw.... Good lack :D

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