Monday, August 29, 2016

Together with my twin brother Edin Durmisevic we participated as illustrators on one exceptionally interesting and awesome project, a book about the Bosnian kingdom; it's a book about medieval Bosnian kingdom, kings, nobles and general history of medieval Bosnia. We had an honor to work as illustrators bringing to the viewer the characters and events from long past times. It was complex project, a daunting task and challenge, but it was worth it :) We also had an opportunity to work with really creative and intellectual professionals, designers, historians, illustrators, artists etc. You can see the details about the book on the OFFICIAL SITE.

Illustrations of historical battles; the biggest challenge for me was illustration of historical battles, because I had to present correct armor, flags, coat of arms, several historical persons, dynamic actions and interesting composition. The battles are the combined work with my brother; together we defined the method and technique, composition, characters and all historical elements :)

Illustrations of different scenes: I illustrated several historical events from the history of Bosnia, trying to represent the time and events with the aim of bringing them from past to the modern viewer. 1) knights tournament at Budim in 1412, 2) Siege of Split in time of Bosnian ban Matej Ninoslav, 3) wedding of Bosnian king Tvrtko II and Hungarian noble Dorothy Garai.

Illustrations of maps; I illustrated the maps by using the references and inspiration from the maps located in the National museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Illustrations of Coat of Arms; the book has several historical Coat of Arms of Bosnian nobles and kings. I illustrated the coat of arms by studying old manuscripts and historical references. The idea was to reconstruct the coat of arms of the major Bosnian noble families and rulers/kings.

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