Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Pop Up Festival in Sarajevo is a festival that promotes local and regional creative artists. It is a festival where students have the opportunity to meet with eminent lecturers, creatives, designers, illustrators, animators, etc. This year's theme for the Pop Up Festival was animation and character design. Festival is organized and run by students of the Academy of Fine Arts, with the support of professors. From what I could see, they are doing an excellent job :) 
This year, Edin and I had the honor to give a lecture to students about character design and animation. We were talking about drawing, sketchbooks, designing characters, 2D / 3D animation and studio production, and we showed them some of our works. We talked about the potential, the creative progress, challenges and possibilities of doing creative work in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina in general. What impressed me personally is that there is a zeal and interest among young people, mainly students, who are trying to find a niche in which to present their creativity and express their ideas. For my part, they have my full support!  

It's really inspiring and encouraging when you hear from student after the lecture that you inspired him to start drawing in his own sketchbook every day ... Well done man, that's the attitude !!! This is honestly a great recognition for myself also, because I personally believe that this is the best way and the path to success in the creative world; drawing, drawing, drawing and more drawing!  

We held a workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts, where the students of graphic and product design had the opportunity to learn about the principles of 3D animation. They also had the opportunity to feel what it's like to work in a team, and directly participate in the production of the predetermined animation pipeline. My personal experience from the workshop is great; students have expressed a keen interest, and after two days of workshops we were able to do a short animation which showed that they easily acquired the knowledge that we offered to them: D I can only say congratulation to students and workshop participants :)

The festival hosted several exceptionally  creative artists, designers, illustrators and animators from the region (from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina), who talked with the students and guests of the festival about animation, production, character design, drawing and the like. Students had the opportunity to learn from the creative people who have years of experience working in the creative industry, and are recognized in the region and beyond; Stiv Cinik, animator from Croatia, creative team Linnch, animators and illustrators from Serbia, Toni Huml, animation and post-production, Mireldy, creative team of designers, Voganj, animator from Belgrade who is famous for his short animations on You tube. It was a great honor that the Pop Up Festival organizers also invited me and my brother Edin to present to the students what we do; character design, illustration and 2D / 3D animation. 

All praise to the organizers of the festival and the team that took part in the organization and lectures. Definitely one of the best festivals in which I participated. See you next year, certainly. All creative people who are interested in art, design, animation, production, video, etc. and want to socialize and meet with creative people, I recommend that you definitely visit the Pop up festival next year :D

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